Panasonic Massage Chairs

Panasonic supplies a complete line of massage therapy chairs. This consists of their model numbers EP-30003 to EP-30007. They also use on the entry level side the new Urban Collection. This includes a selection of more contemporary design massage therapy chairs. These 2 lines are provided by Panasonic.

The Swede-Atsu New Urban Collection is the newest intro from the business. They have actually redesigned these loungers to be a lot more trendy and contemporary. They provide sleeker styles with bent armrest and different accents in the chair. These loungers come in leather and some models have a separate leg ottoman.

The EP-1082 supplies an air compression massage therapy with 8 airbags. It features the different leg footrest and also has the Swede-Atsu massage roller device. There are eight fundamental massage settings included in this lounger. This chair likewise offers the new chiropractic care style massage therapy techniques. This is to help with far better muscle mass relaxation in helps promote much better stance.

An additional design in the brand-new Urban Collection is the EP-1285. This model resembles the EP 1082, with the exception of the affixed leg remainder. This massage therapy chair has the built-in leg ottoman. The number of air bags as well as the EP 1285 is 14. This supplies better insurance coverage for compression massage therapy for your legs.

Both the EP 1082 and also the EP 1285 have Swede-Atsu drifting massage system. This is intriguing new innovation from Panasonic. This floating massage therapy device does various massage therapy activities. It boosts the movements of the wrist. It has the ability to turn to duplicate a natural massage therapy.

The air ottoman system which is separate for the EP1082 is the first as well as a different system. This separate unit consists of 8 air bags. It offers a compression massage therapy for the legs as well as feet. He airbags are specially designed to supply a massaging in helping to loosen of the shins and calf muscle mass. This aids to advertise far better flow and offers a more contoured massage for the reduced body.

The high end line for Panasonic is the Real Pro Ultra. This panasonic massage chair is the successor to the master elite line. This line starts with the design EP 30003. This model has all the main features of the ones over it. As you progress up the line to the EP 30007, minor changes are made to the massage chair.

The Master Ultra EP 30003 features a new quad design roller device. This specially developed roller complies with the shape of your spine. These massage heads will actually open up as well as close which allows for some added massage motions. It has the grasping as well as just movements for added relaxing alleviation.

The Master Ultra line features three the body check modern technology. The roller device will scan backwards and forwards your back. It then produces a three-dimensional digital map of your back. It situates the top of your shoulders and will readjust the program to follow the contour of your spinal column. This offers a far more tailored massage therapy.

The design EP 30004 includes an arm massage. This is an air compression kind massage therapy utilizing air bags. The armrest has a cover which could be opened up. The arm as well as hand is positioned within. This allows the air bags to give a mild squeezing and compression massage therapy to the hands as well as arms.

The Master Ultra line also includes versions 30005, 30006 as well as 30007. These models include an extra penetrating roller device called ultra deep. The shoulder and also hip air bags for the EP– 30005 have been removed compared with the 30006 and also 30007. The only difference between the EP 30006 as well as the EP 30007 is that the 30007 is made in Japan. This is the schedule for Panasonic’s high in massage therapy chair line the Real Pro Ultra.

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